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At Wonderment Retreat festival we make sure the food is nothing short of outstanding. Our chefs prepare an organic, plant based menu of home grown locally sourced ingredients so you can enjoy a theatre of colours and tastes at every one of our banquets.


Nourishing us from within, our guests dine under the stars on our Sun Dial benches adorned with centre pieces of candles, lavender and foraged greenery from the Woodland. 

Included Meals

Thursday 22nd September

19.00 The Celebratory Supper

Friday 23rd September

09.00 The Hearty Healthy Breakfast

13.00 The Welcome Lunch

19.00 The Evening Meal

Saturday 24th September

09.00 The Hearty Healthy Breakfast

14.00 The Salad Bar

20.00 The Banquet

Sunday 25th September

09.00 The Energising Breakfast

13.00 The Sunday Lunch

18.00 The Leaving Spread

Teas, coffee and Wonderment Water will also be available.

Sun Dial Dining Area

Our benches positioned in circle - one long bench for each hour of the day provide enough space for social distancing as well as bonding and connecting over delicious nutritious food.

Giving us the opportunity to break bread and bless the food that has been infused with heart intention and reiki and cooked to perfection as we dine under the stars.

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